Well the Iron Crown temple map contest, which was extended to the beginning of March, was really a foot in the door for me, as far as commission work for I.C.E. is concerned. Shortly after the start of the contest, Iron Crown made some deal with a company called 0one games, who had a whole slew of encounter maps for castles, dungeons, inns, over a hundred maps I believe, which are now posted for sale from the Iron Crown site.

Apparently they need a regional map that will contain all these encounter maps. They've developed the background story, and now need a large island to place them on. So I've been contacted by the Iron Crown staff to do just that.

Whether I win the I.C.E. contest or not, my real goal was commission work, so it looks like my strategy worked! I'll post what I can, if and when I receive the commission. I guess they are looking for a "Harn" look in the map, I'll see what I can do!