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Thread: February Entry: The Planet which has stopped

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    Post February Entry: The Planet which has stopped

    Hi everybody.

    Short description of my project (please be understanding for my English grammar, I've do not have any time to correct my post right now, so probably it'll be full of some stupid mistakes ; ) ):

    450 years ago, planet "Bachus" suddenly stopped rotating around her own axis, dividing the planet surface on two areas - one with permanent Day, and one with permanent nighy.

    People from the Dark Side of Planet, started to migrate at the the Bright one terrains, instantly causing overpopulation. After few decades, people from the bright side, to prevent their countries from starvation, separated themselves from the Dark Side, building a huge stone wall across the border of light. From 400 years nobody haven't cross the Border.

    Today, people from the Bright side, taking advantage from permanent day status, started to invent technologies, gaining control over the steam & sun power. Currently, their technology level is very similar to that one, at the end of Earth's XIX century.

    Their perfect world fall down about one hundred years ago. After three centuries of of silence across the Border, suddenly, People from the Dark Side have attacked the Border. Despite they old, medieval technology, they've sent to battle unholy creatures, called to live with magic, which were forbidden on the bright side for centuries.

    To defend themselves from the attacks, nine States, created after the subdivision of former North Empire, created a confederation, based on producing supplies and soldiers to defend they perfect world from the dark plague - quickly the formal reign of the confederation was given to Totalitarian Party, which had everything (including all living people) subordinated to the politics of saving the Bright Side - this way the 'Nation' was born.

    Bloody politics of the Nation was the cause of tensions across it and the South Empire, and other, smaller States, that currently live in the fear of being conquered by the Nation - which is still needing new resources and supplies in order to continue they war at the Border - everything indicates that the only way to gain supplies will be the cruel expansion.


    Map presented below is just a WIP.
    It's the Political map of the bright side of Bachus; (none have ever went at the dark side to create it's map)
    for now, you must excuse me, it's written in Polish, but I swear, that the final version will be done in English.

    For now, here's a small dictionary:

    Jasna Strona = The Bright Side
    w roku 450 - in year 450 APS (After Planet Stopped)
    Państwo - The Nation
    Cesarstwo Południowe - The South Empire
    Stolica - Capital Province
    Królestwo Aleksandrov - The Kingdom of Aleksandrov
    Hanza - Hanseatic League

    all other names are Russian/Ukraine-based and they're just personal names of provinces and countries, they do not have any equivalent in English.

    Currently I'am working on the rest of Political Borders, later I will note the Border, dividing Light and Bright side.


    ### Latest WIP ###
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