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    Hello everyone,

    I have played a lot of RPGs (D&D, Warhammer and Call of Cthulhu, mainly) and have always loved good maps. As I am not good at design, I never tried to do maps myself. This all changed when my gaming club bought an LCD screen and one friend started to use it, together with MapTool, to run parts of his adventures... the results are amazing! This same friend pointed me to this site.

    So he taught me a lot of great tricks with Photoshop and I have been creating some maps for the Scales of War campaign, as I plan to run it when my friend wants to have a break in his campaign.

    I have also seen the beautiful maps some people have done here with CC3, so I think I'll give it a try.

    My main hobby is playing games (RPGs, boardgames and computer games, in this order) but I also play tennis and practice with electric guitar (a Les Paul, but not a Gibson as those are, sadly, too expensive for me, so I bought a nice Epiphone). Sometimes I also paint miniatures.

    Now I am quite into map making for my campaign, so I'll publish here all maps I create. From time to time, I'll get focused in another of my hobbies and I will be "away" for some weeks (lately I have been playing a lot the guitar), so if I am quiet for a couple weeks, you'll know why.

    Anyway, thanks to the creators of this great site and to its contributors (specially nickverto who has done a lot of great maps for the Scales of War campaign that will save me hours of work)... There's really an amazing amount of very useful stuff.

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    Welcome to the Guild!

    Post some of those maps. I would love to see them
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    Welcome Aboard!
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    And now you spend all your time here with us

    Welcome to the Guild.

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    I already posted some maps in the section "Finished Maps" "Scales of War Part 01 Rescue at Rivenroar".

    I am now working in two more maps to finish that section (a tactical map of Brindol) and a tactical map for the Kruthik lair.

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    Welcome cogollo. Good to have you here.

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    Welcome cogollo. I'm the same way...I disappear from a hobby/website/game for 6 months before going back and people would say "wow, you've been gone a while haven't you". That was before the guild here though Haven't been to some of my other hobbies since. This is a great place, hope you like it as well.
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