Alright, here's the beginning of a map of the Milky Way Galaxy. Basically, mankind has explored about a quarter of the galaxy, and somewhat less than that is the interstellar nations. It's clearly in the far future, on the order of 2-3k years. Technology is "used" and "clunky" rather than shiny and "fresh out of the shrinkwrap". I've always been a fan of restriced interstellar travel so expect jump routes to pop up in some form if/when I ever do regional maps with individual systems.

This is for one of my many settings; I intend to use this map to establish the overall political situation. It will be abstract and definitely on white background to make it easier to read. At this scale I will obviously not do include individual star systems, except for a few extraordinary locations (national capitals, etc.)

The basic Milky Way outline is a (very rough) trade of nasa imagery.

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