Paizo is releasing a new Adventure Path this month called Legacy of Fire. As I begin to prepare for running that AP, I have discovered a dearth of good maps and map objects that are appropriate for the "Arabian Nights" type of setting. In anticipation of a large need for such objects and maps, I'd like to put out the challenge to the expert mappers out there to fill the gap!

This is a great chance to try new techniques, work with different color pallets and take a different approach to your art. Selfishly, it allows me to continue to benefit from your talent and dedication as I run my game for my friends

I'm in particular need of good battlemaps depicting the dusty streets that would be reminiscent of 13th century Persia, Egypt and Turkey. I also have a specific need for a battlemap for a fight that takes place in a dusty spice refinery over vats filled with a spice being processed into a fine powder. If anyone thinks that sounds like a challenge let me know and I'll provide more info.

In general, I just wanted to raise awareness that I think there is going to be an uptick in demand for "Arabian Nights" type of maps in the next few months. So if anyone is looking for a way to make a name for themselves, here is an opportunity!