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    Wip Arab Street Tiles

    Trying to think of a quick set of encounter tiles for use in an Arabic theme, as in this request in the Map Request Forum...

    Just to show some participation, and to help make the point to Paizo, they should give the Guild more respect for what we have to offer them!

    Anyway, not that these are really "arabic" in flavor, the walls are kind of mud brick, with a paved stone street. I wouldn't consider these the main thoroughfares in an Arabic city, rather those catacomb like alleys and walking paths that meander off the main avenues. A maze of city structures and walls.

    In many ways these emulate dungeon, and could probably be used as those as well, or as city tiles for any large urban back area in any fantasy genre.

    For marketing purposes lets just call them "Arabic Tiles", I plan to make some Arabic map objects that could be printed to overhead transparency film with a color laser or color copier. I may yet create an ungridded version for VT.

    They are geomorphic in that you can rotate any 10 x 16 tile 180 degrees and the 10' wide passages line up. They are 10 feet wide allowing camel, ox, mule, horse traffic, as well as those on foot, or pulling narrow wagons and carts. I chose 10 x 16 as roads and intersections would be rather tight and busy at standard letter size.

    These are each 10 x 16 tiles ready to be printed to cardstock at 11 x 17. These are 200 ppi JPG files. I plan on making 5 to 15 more, the objects and perhaps a few specific location structures - smith, merchant shop, merchant house, the low rent district and perhaps a factory like the spice stamping mill though that might be two 10 x 16's with half on each one.

    Though I may put off finishing this with a week or two of other stuff on the schedule - I just thought I'd put something new out!


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    Cool stuff as always GP...though the fountain in the last one does look a bit like a toilet.
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    Looks nice, as always, GP.

    One suggestion though would be with the street texture used. When I travel through the middle east and visited the old city quarters, it seemed that almost all the streets were quarried, fitted stone, not cobbles.

    They rows almost always seemed to run perpendicular to the corridor. Here is an example of what I mean:

    -Rob A>

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    Post Good to know!

    Thanks, RobA, that's good to know! I will update the maps for that, as well as any new ones I create.

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