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    Post [Region 2] Empire of Kaidan (startup thread)

    Really as a placeholder for my start up content...

    The Empire of Kaidan consists of an island group east of the continent where Ansium is located, it is part of a larger island chain formed by a volcanic "hot spot" on the ocean floor, located below the furthest west island of this chain, west of the region of Kaidan.

    A race of barbarian humans still inhabit the island, though have been forced to live on the fringes away from the dominant culture of Asahi who arrived here a millenia ago. Periodic acts of genocide are imposed on the barbarians from time to time.

    The Empire of Kaidan is based on early feudal Japan, in its history, culture, technology, religion, folklore and government system. At this time the emperor is more of a figurehead, while true government is maintained by the court ministry and the Shogun. The Shogunate government is called the Fukuhara Bakufu (tent government) or the Taira Shogunate.

    At the current time, most of the Imperial Court is undead, including the Child-Emperor, Antoku, the Shogun (Death Knight), all the chief ministers, and many of the court bureaucrats, servants and the Shogun's chief generals. The bulk of the government at both imperial and provincial levels are living humans, the Asahi people. I haven't decided if there are any non-human races here.

    Although this is posted at the end of my Genpei War Challenge Map, here is an illustration of Shogun Taira no Kiyomori, the Death Knight protector and regent of the emperor of Kaidan (the true lord of Kaidan). Enjoy!


    PS: as this is supposed to be for any game system, my creations will not reflect intentional similarities to Oriental Adventures, nor Legend of the Five Rings: Rokugan, rather fantasy ideas from Japanese folklore.
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