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    Post amristar

    yep new rendition played around with phtotoshop this is just a rought draft i have alot more to add

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    here it is
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    It's a good start. I think I like the unconventional "colorful" noise you use for oceans.

    My main criticism would be the rivers - they are entirely too blurry, and some of the tribunaries in the NE-river area seem to be flowing from the sea towards the inland area, which is not realistic. One river in the NW area describes an arc from one coast to another, which is also likewise not going to happen.

    Oh, also, a very minor issue: It's "Imperial", not "Impirial".

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    well my cousin helped me with it i told him not to make the rivers blurry how can i bring the rivers out more? ive been to the layer but it has no blur effect idk what to do! im not very good at photoshop

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    Try the pencil instead of a brush...right click on the brush icon in the toolbox. In the dropdown menu click on the pencil...then use a small tip...1 or 2 pixels.
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    so you are saying i should retrace it? then get rid of the original? the tutorial said to use pencil hard square brush but i cant find the hard square for a brush tip i only see circles where are the squares at

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    the pencil and brush are part of the same control. As AScension said right-click on the brush icon in the toolbar and you should see three options (brush, pencil, airbrush) - select pencil.

    then click the little arrow to change the brush set and select 'Square Brushes' and choose/set a low number of pixels (no more than 3) and retrace your rivers. I'd do it on a new layer above your old river layer. Then you can just hide (or delete) the older river layer.
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