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  • I make most of my Maps & Images for a game.

    26 50.00%
  • I borrow most of the images and make a few

    2 3.85%
  • I game but don't use my maps etc there (modules etc)

    4 7.69%
  • I used to game but it interfered with my mapping

    0 0%
  • I'd like to game but I don't have time\opportunity for it

    9 17.31%
  • I'm much happier making maps for their own sake.

    11 21.15%
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Thread: Poll - Gaming and Maping

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    Post Poll - Gaming and Maping

    I'm finding the demand for writing a campaign on the fly is pretty fierce. I was wondering how many other Cart Guilders were in the same boat.

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    Its fierce.

    Good thing with over 20 years spent in the hobby I have LOTS of extra maps floating around just waiting for re-ruse.
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    Yep, it can be a lot of work.

    The majority of the maps I use are hand-drawn at the table. I'm getting ready to make the transition to the VTT, though, so that's generating some extra work--thank goodness for the generous offerings of D&D module maps--they'll make the prep work much easier.

    It also helps that I only game twice a month, so I have plenty of down-time to prep.
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    Post I need multi-vote!

    I need multi-vote to give a best answer. I do play and create my own maps and images for my groups campaigning, however, most of my maps are commissions or mapping for its own sake, here at the guild. I could vote on three different options in the above poll. I didn't pick the first option as my own game mapping is the least type of mapping that I do. (Of course I print all my game maps in large format for complete enjoyment at play!)

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    I'm with GP. There should be an option that says "I make maps for my own games but I also enjoy mapping for the sake of mapping".
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    I actually assume that people enjoy mapping for the sake of mapping. My curiosity is really around this thing they call DMing.

    I aint shakespeare but even just being me it can be tough to build a changing storyline complete with visual aids every week.


    I'm wondering if there is a good way to shuffle whole adventures between dms in a non professional, not really published sort of way. More in the pipe is always a good thing.

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    If you've got a good set of players, there are several brains working on the storyline. The GM only has to come up with the start to get things moving. I'm afraid other GMs would be sadly disappointed with my adventures. The notes rarely go over an A4 sheet of lined paper. Sometimes, it's a scrawled doodle / mindmap sort of thing. It has a start scenario and some way of getting things moving ... after that, it's up to the players and where they take things. I tend to use the time between sessions to scrawl down some more notes about things that could happen in the next session. All very messy. I'm not sure I could make sense of it after a couple of months had past.

    I don't tend to use too many maps in my games but, when I do, they tend to be mine.
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    I haven't gamed in ages, but I enjoy writing software to make random maps for roleplaying games (particularly old-school TSR style). I guess if I were to run any games now I'd use the stuff I've written, but I have enough fun just writing the programs and seeing the results.

    One of these days I'll write a dungeon generator and a city/town generator, and then I'll probably have enough software to make random classic D&D modules....
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    I quit gaming a while ago, though I still work on my campaign setting once in a blue moon. So, I just map for the enjoyment of it.

    But if the opportunity ever came around to make some extra $$$ that would be good too.
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    I ticked the first, because all of my maps for personal projects are for games. However a glut of commissions has pushed personal projects back a bit so most of my current mapping is commercial.

    Sending around the semi-published adventures sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately I rarely get my notes in a format others could really pick up and use.

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