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Thread: [taken]-[unpaid]Adding details to a map

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    Post [taken]-[unpaid]Adding details to a map

    Hi there! I'm something of a writer, and lately I've felt that I really need the geographic references a lot more, and although I have the basic outlines made, there's no detail, no geography, nothing, and while it's a good base, I'd like something more. So in essence I'd like to request that somebody take a look at the maps I've already prepared and add in details, such as rivers, mountains, etc. (the cities and the like I'll do personally). Any help would be much appreciated!

    Commission: Unpaid
    Time Constraints: None really, there's no rush.
    Style: I don't know if I want any particular kind of style, however I really like this map (got it from here), so if you can make it look something like that but without the borders that would be great.
    Description of Map: Map attached
    Quality & Size: I have no preference in quality as long as it's legible enough for reference purposes (this is for personal use).
    Copyright: I will have copyright for the map, but I will credit the artist, and if ever the map were to be included in a published work (*cross fingers*) I will inform the artist and I would agree to pay for it at that time.
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    I'd love to help, but with so little information about what you want, where you want it, how much freedom we are allowed and what your end goal is it is difficult to know where to start.

    If you have a rough idea where important geographical features like famous mountain ranges, magical volcanos or religiously significant rivers need to be then it would be lovely if you could add them to your map.

    It would also ne nice to know how accurate you want it to be in terms of geography, is it of negligable importance so long as it looks nice, or do you want riverpolice-proof soundness in that regard?

    Information, information, information.

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    Great to see another writer in here. Welcome!

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    To help an artist fill in your map, you might consider this method of infosharing:

    Print that blank map. Draw on it with a pencil (cities, mountains, national borders, forests, trade routes, historic sites, rivers, whatever.) Scan it. Share it.

    This is a really fast and easy way to hand data to the artist. Your pencil drawings do not have to be beautiful; they just have to convey information.

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    I've gone back and worked on the map extensively, added topography, rivers and some main cities. Basically, what I'd like is for someone to make a more stylized version of the map. You'd be free to make whatever changes to the map you'd deem necessary, so long as the marked cities are more or less as they are.

    EDIT: I can't believe I forgot to attach the updated map.
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    This would be right up my alley if I had the time...too many irons in the fire right now. I'm sure that there are many here who could whip you up something nice in fairly short order. You might want to contact them directly...the ones who have made stuff that you like.
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    Here is what I have -

    Fractalized the coast a bit more, and put in the rivers.

    There was a small river by Ponesia that connected two other river systems, (unless it is a man made channel/canal), so I removed it.

    -Rob A>
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    I'm really loving how it's coming along, looking very good!

    And let me just say, thanks for doing this, it's very much appreciated and I'm confident it'll be a pretty big help with the story writing

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