One of the many things I loved about Battle Chasers was the flying prison. So I put one into my campaign as well. And this Wednesday, one of the players is going to try to spring an imprisoned demon king......

I've mapped out the whole prison a loong time ago, but today I foolishly decided to try to make a digital version, which would hopefully be done before Wednesday....fat usual, I managed to start something which will take an age to finish.

I'm not sure how it happened, but I was aiming for a a slight modification of my hand drawn and scanned map, and ended up with this:

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This is the entrance level of the prison. There are several other levels further down.

For comparison, here is how parts of it looks like originally (1 square=10 feet):

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I'm really in deep water here, and I fear I might not be able to complete the map at all in the present style. But still, I like how it looks - i just can't fathom what's going to happen when I have to add statues and furnitures and guards and staircases etc...I'm used to sketching these things with a pencil!

Anyway, I'll toss it up here so that I'll feel some kind of obligation to work more on it, even though I'm going to have to settle for the hand drawn maps next gaming session.