Hi all, and a big hello to all you fellow newbies.

Being one of those unfortunate people who can't draw a straight line with a ruler, my maps are usually illegible scrawls on a pile of old envelopes in a cardboard box.

I've tried a few drawing/mapping programs in the past, with learning-curves so steep you need crampons, and I've tried tile-mapping software for its simplicity, but these tend to be inflexible. Nothing worked for me, so it was back to the kiddies stick drawings.

Then, just recently I stumbled across a reference to Viewingdale. It seems to be exactly what I needed and it's allowed me to take my first real steps into the world of mapping.

I'll post a few pictures when I get something going, but meanwhile I've started a blog of my first apprentice-steps on the Viewingdale site. There's a link in my sig if anyone wants to go see. I figured I'd try to get some more traffic going to the site as a thank you for Redrobes' considerable help.

If there are any other Viewingdale users here, let me know, we can talk shop.

Now all I need is millions of top-down tiles of modern city buildings...