I need some input from folks who use battlemats. I have a large map. The dimensions of the area are about 1000x700 feet. It's a palisaded enclosure. I've printed battlemats for the floorplans of the key buildings in the enclosure, but I'm unsure how to handle the overview map. If it is printed in 8x10 tiles with 1" = 5ft, that would be 20 tiles by 14 tiles. That's a lot of tiles and I don't see that being useful to folks who use battlemats.

How best should an area this large be handled to make it usable? Some of the possible solutions I've considered are:

1) Print to PDF this overview map 1" = 10 feet
2) Print one large PDF with a 5' grid on it so the GM can see the spatial relationships between the buildings, but he's not expected to actually print the map, and will only use the floorplan battlemats for the individual buildings.
3) Print it as it is and let folks decide whether they want to spend ink on 280 pages of map tiles.