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    So if you have found the site slow tonight - sorry, my fault.

    Still, you can get me back and hose my ISP now. Hope a CL can sticky this and ill edit this text out and make it all nice shortly when were all fixed up.

    For now theres some tedious admin to do. The indexer took all the pages and made a list. Then it sorted them and appended a number to the end for each person to keep them separate. Then I grabbed the last image from each of the threads and thumbed them. Some of them didn't work right and some don't have the image as an attachment. Some also have posts after the proper image so its not the correct one. So we could do with a list of items that are wrong. If some CLs could take those posts and look at those threads by clicking on the name link in the thumbs page and add a usual WIP tag to those posts. Once done then edit that notification post and put a DONE in there. Once the notification posts go to all done then ill run it again and we keep going like that till its all fixed up.

    Right - lets cane the servers with this...

    Finished Map Thumbnails
    A-C D-F G-I J-L M-O P-R S-U V-X Y-Z

    Can I also add that the maps in this list are by default copyright but are probably available for use. But please check the thread to see the usage terms for them which is often in the sig of the author. From the authors, please comment on the usability of the images in the threads.
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