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Thread: Map so far..

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    Map Map so far..

    Here's a map I'm working on, I just drew it up last night. I scanned it to paint so it doesn't look as good as in person but it's still good so far.

    I don't really have a name for it yet or any back story. I'm pretty much just gonna keep this thread updated on the ideas I've come up with.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Regarding the island to the Southeast, with the lake: you should put an island in the lake. And possibly a lake on that island...
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    That would be sweet, every map should has some interesting looking places like that in it.

    I don't know if anyone else is on but whoever is, what do you think?

    I wanna add more islands around it, that's just the main continent. And I was just thinking that I want there to be some dinosaurs or something. Maybe I could create a whole race of creatures native to certain parts of the land. Be original ya know..
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    Sounds good.

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    This looks great...slap a parchment over it and call it sugarbuns.
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