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Thread: .JPG/.BMP Image to Spherical Globe

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    Post .JPG/.BMP Image to Spherical Globe

    Well time to start asking questions... well a few at least.

    Is is possible to take a .jpg, or a .bmp, image of a world map and transfer it into Fractal Terrains Pro, or Photoshop CS3 (plug-in) LunarCell (1.75) in order to create a globe of the world created?

    If so, can these be transferred back and forth while you work on and edit your world to your satisfaction? I hope I am clear in what I am asking... I tend to ramble. Heheheh


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    You can import it into Google Earth as a layer and it will wrap around the globe. RobA did a quick explantion of how but I'm not sure where that thread is.
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    I'll bump this again but Neon or Waldronate are the guys who can answer your question.

    Could definitely be done in Blender or some other 3D app tho.

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    Default should be able to take an image and convert it into the equirectangular projection by FT and programs that wrap things around spheres. That's the new version and if it causes you problems then has the older version that's somewhat more limited.

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