Icohedron was asking about doing sci fi maps and whether ViewingDale had large units like light years. It has got them and parsecs too but it was always a bit experimental and not very well tested. He also wanted astronomical units and light seconds added to the scales list which I have done.

Well I tested it and it seems that the maximum extents that the app can handle is about +/- 50 AU's. I have done a test in the past and remembered that the scales involved in space maps to scale are just silly.

So I thought id make up a bit of our solar system to show how silly it is. Here is a movie of it. Its 15Mb and using XviD codec as usual to keep it down so sorry about the poor quality.

It shows that unless you have arrows with arrows on the tips of the arrows then you will miss your planet when zooming around. Its not really a sensible option. It can do it, but I don't think its worth doing any map to scale beyond planetary size. After that, make a chart and put in jump hot spots to your planets.