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Thread: Loosing my mind/Loosing messages

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    Question Loosing my mind/Loosing messages


    A while ago (last week?) there was a post that mentioned an off site tutorial on making status tokens in photoshop (sort of glossy/glassy overlays).

    I have searched the forums like mad and can't find the link or the post.... Can someone point me to it?


    -Rob A>

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    Yea.. that was me...AidyBaby made some state icons for use in Maptool and posted a Photoshop tutorial over there on how he made it. Another RPtools forum member (Rumble) spent tons of time going over how he adapted the tutorial to GIMP (as well as could be done) by using the Layer Effects plugins. My thought was in getting some help trying to automate the whole procces of applying each of the various layer effect pluggins in a single go....
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