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    Post Cosmology Map

    I'd like to show you a map I did lately for our homebrew setting Angraenor. As the last and current campaigns both focus heavily on planar adventures, my players bugged me to provide them with a visual overview on our settings cosmology. So, here it is...

    This may be an unusual kind of map, as it maps something as abstract as planes and their relationship to each other, so I had different goals for this one, as for other types of map like a city- or overland-map. Its major purpose is to be used as a gaming aid for the players, so I wanted it to be clear in its layout and easily read- and understandable. Besides that, I wanted it to have a "professional look", like something you'd expect when reading a book like Manual Of The Planes. This map is lacking some elements that would make it look more interesting, but I couldn't come up with ideas, that wouldn't spoil its readability. I toyed a lot with flashy lightning and effects, but I always turned back to this stripped own version of the map.

    As last time, I havn't thought about adding a WIP thread. Sorry about that! I know that it should be that way... But I'll answer any questions on how I did certain things in this thread and am very thankful for any comments, thoughts or tips on how to improve it. Thanks.
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