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Thread: First city map: town of Maraudin / C&C welcome

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    Wip First city map: town of Maraudin / C&C welcome

    After a first go at an overland map with CC3, now has come the time for me to experiment with CD3.

    I went through Gandwarf's tutorials, picked a small town from the overland map mentionned above and jumped in the fray.

    I selected the second bitmap style of CD3, so that the map would not be too similar (as far as the symbols are concerned) to the tutorial examples, as this first try will not stand the comparison to even the lesser of Gandwarf's works... The superficial similitude would only highlight the defects.

    The image posted is obviously a WIP, as quite a few blocks are still missing and the surrounding lands are utterly empty. The city is sitting at a crossroad in the midst of rocky terrain. Underground water sustains it, but wells are few and the control of their access means influence within the city.

    There are few resources or farm lands to exploit around the town, so the trade routes are the main source of income for the locals. This creates a perfect breeding ground for thieves' guilds.

    About the map:

    - this CD3 style uses bitmap fills. I am not quite satisfied by the way they look, because they are very repetitive. I could not find a setting to improve this.

    - CD3 seems to assume that the standard is the individual house. This may be Ok for smaller villages and settlements, but in cities there would probably be no space between most buildings (any space would be used as a narrow street or alleyway). To create the blocs, I used the random street generator, setting the space between buildings to 0, and re-drawing the houses in corners or bends by "hand" (using the house drawing tool).

    - I have just used the standard sheet effects, so any suggestion to tweak and improve them will be welcome, as I am not yet very comfortable with many of them.

    While this is but a first try at CD3, I can already say that this piece of software is quite an intuitive tool, and the customisable street generator works great.

    Sorry for the long post and thank you for your comments and advice for the improvement & completion of this map.
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