Okay, so here's one for you great GIMP overlords of cool:

Say I've got a transparent background tab with some blobs of color on it, and I want to take the smudge tool and randomly smudge these blobs of color inward (toward the center of the blobs) and outward, to give the color blobs a radial-like pattern that blends into the background layer.

Now, let's say I have a lot of these blobs of color, and it's going to take a long time to apply this "radial smudge" to all of them. How, oh great ones, would you automate this to make it easier on yourselves? (I tried using using alpha-to-select then stroke selection with the smudge tool selected, but this basically treated the smudge tool as if it was the painbrush tool, laying down whatever color I'd selected in whatever brush shape I'd selected instead of smudging anything.

Any thoughts would be duly appreciated, in the form of a nice soft wack from my +1 blackjack of repping...