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Thread: fantasy maps for Kamarathin

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    Post fantasy maps for Kamarathin

    Hello everyone! I have just gotten into cartography via a game project, and it was suggested I show the maps here. Creating these was a learning experience for me, and it was fun to explore a new form of art - usually i do regular fantasy/sci-fi illustration type stuff.

    I am open to all helpful crits! These were done for Kamarathin, located at
    Coming Soon - Future home of something quite cool if you're interested in the game world.


    this one is ink on vellum, with a texture and type added in photoshop:

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    These are very professional looking, uber nice. Only crit from me is too small You can post up to 4000 x 4000 and under 4.7 megabytes. I'd certainly like to see a chunk of that ISO map (the first one) and the hand drawn one...heck all of 'em
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    I agree, these are all great.

    Would love to see larger, higher-rez versions.
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    Great maps!
    Professional and crisp. Love the ISO map.
    How are you with color?

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    Welcome Adam.
    Has to see that his artistic abilities are very good.

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    Glad to see you made it over here. Welcome! These are great maps.

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    Praise You should this guy's illustrations!

    Hey MisterAdam, glad to see you made over here!

    You guys should see Adam's fantasy illustrations - they are really awesome. I noticed a map in his list of posts at Demetia5 website, so I "made" him come here and post those above! Great stuff.

    Here's a link to his illustrations on that other site:

    Check them out!

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    Those are indeed some nice maps.
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    I love the isometric map.

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