I've already posted some of this material in the other Starship Sections thread, but since this material is different from what I originally envisioned for the Starship Sections I think it warrants a separate thread.

Our Star Wars RPG gaming group has acquired a modular base (Hideouts and Strongholds sourcebook by West End Games, page 77) and I was tasked with generating a map for it. The sourcebook doesn't give much in the way of dimensions, so I made some assumptions. The base is not very large and consists of a octagonal frame which five modules can fit into. Since I was already making 12x12 overlays for the Starship Sections, I went with half that size for each module - 6x6. [Yes, I know it is actually a quarter of the size based on area but I went with half-size based on length.] I then put a 1-square "spacer" between modules to make the octagon 20-squares across. Here is the result:
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The "corners" are sloped on the outside, they do not have a full level of clearance for people to walk through. They function more like a crawlspace, so I made them storage and maintenance areas - separate from the modules. I added some grass to show what was not part of the base - feel free to put whatever "outside" terrain is applicable. Also, these are designed to link together (one modular base to the next) - so they can form a little compound with any composition of modules.

The modules are all 6x6 and fit in the blank spaces. The Modular Base is designed to put any modules in any order (although some logically can't be in the middle - like a vehicle bay or airlock module). I'll post more as I get them, but for now I have:
Command module (I usually put this one in the middle):
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Crew's barracks:
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Crew's Mess:
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Here's an "empty" module in case I don't post what you need:
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I'm currently working on a medical bay, a couple of cargo/storage modules, an airlock, and a vehicle garage. I'll post them when finished. As always, comments and criticisms are welcome.