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Thread: Life is keeping me busy!

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    Post Life is keeping me busy!

    I guess it is my turn to explain why I haven't been around as much as I have been. I've been busy with a few commissions that have me mapping in areas I haven't really explored before. I'm doing spaceship plans. It has been both frustrating and fun. It is frustrating when I hit a snag but once everything is flowing - it is great! I know once I get a few more ships under my belt, things will ease up and everything will flow more smoothly.

    Real life has been keeping me busy as well. I had a few web design/search engine optimization contracts to finish up (which I did) - nothing major mostly update related work for previous clients.

    I thought I should explain why I haven't been in the mapping sections much lately. I have a quirk - when I'm bucking down and concentrating on my work, I tend to develop tunnel vision and I only concentrate on what I am doing. I do the same thing when I am writing or when I'm drawing. Once things ease up a bit, I will be back exploring everyone's excellent work here.

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    I thought the machine had eased up a lil bit, but hey, gotta make dat money. S'all good bro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascension View Post
    I thought the machine had eased up a lil bit, but hey, gotta make dat money. S'all good bro.
    I thought maybe it was down temporarily for maintenance.
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