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Thread: Another tryout - a success I think

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    Map Another tryout - a success I think

    Heya folks!

    An mostly-finished map for you here, another try for another style (I'm currently expanding on a multitude of possible styles), which I think I will most-definitely use in the upcoming times.

    The map is dedicated to our forum-user pasis, as I made it with his indirect help. His tutorial is "Teh Awesum" and yields excellent results.

    I might want to add, I did a few additional things. For one, I used my own style of planting forests and for another I added some more ground-textures, vaguely with only little opacity, to add diversity.

    What do you think?
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    It looks nice, though the text over the forest is nearly unreadable.
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    Very nice. Looks similar to the photoshop-layering style that I have had a little success with.

    I think your individual trees are way outta scale with the mountains and sea, though. Either you have a planet with 22-mile-wide trees ... or you have not mountains and a sea, but a hill and a puddle.

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    Agreed on the trees... in my next tryout with this style I will reduce the trees... but a single "dot" could just as well stand for a bunch of trees, too... Just sayin'

    Here's another picture, a further developed version of this map.
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    A second, far better map (my opinion obviously) with this style.
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    I think it's looking great. I like the feel of your water texture. It's very painterly to me.

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    Thanks, but that compliment has to be advanced to the forum-user Pasis, from whose tutorial I copied the texture and made it seamlessly tiling... the highlights are self-added (the white and dark-blue in the rivers).

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    Looks great young grasshoppah. As to the text, try a different color over the dark areas or use a solid stroke (sufficiently wide enough to be seen) in a color that matches the sand (not something like red).
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    Way to go Madletter...these are looking great waiting to see more. I'm a bit concerned about the forest though as the trees do look a bit like single trees eventhough representing a group of trees. Maybe you could try to have more dense forests and use this "light" forest as a extra in some areas to spice things up. But all in all looking good...

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    Great style!
    I like the separate trees, looks realistisc enough

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