Well, I've looked right through this forum for information about Paint.NET, and I've found nothing.

If anyone is familiar with it I'd like to get some idea of what it can/cannot do.

Also, assuming it does what I want, I'd appreciate it if someone could provide me with a link/zipfile for a version 2.7 or earlier, cos the current version won't talk to anything prior to XP.

It's a free program so there shouldn't be any copyright issues with a zip.

Currently, I'm using MS Paint, but I've been outgrowing it for a while. I need a bit more functionality, but I really don't have time to learn the big programs.

Mainly, I want to create some tiles and objects with transparent backgrounds, cutting and pasting from drawings, photographs etc. Nothing very complex, but a bit more than MS Paint can handle.

If there are any alternatives that are One Small Step up from MSP I'd be pleased to hear about them, too.