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    Hello Cartographers.

    I found this amazing site while crawling through Google in search for some mapping ideas. All I have seen here was brilliant and utterly inspiring, so I have to say "thank you, all!" right from the beginning. I am playing Earthdawn, D&D3.5 and Opus Anima, so I am in need of maps from time to time. Most times I draw them myself with pencil and paper, but I also have photoshop available - your tutorials will surely help me to improve my skill as I never used it for mapping before.

    In addition I am working on my own homebrew d20 fantasy setting and of course I need good maps. All I have done in photoshop so far was to copy the continent from paper, but after that I lost inspiration and didn't have success in filling that map with life:

    Hopefully I will finish it with the help of all the great stuff you offer.

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    Welcome to the guild

    Looking forward to see more from you.
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    Welcome Aboard!

    ...and since you put a map in your intro post have a bit of 'rep' *bonk*
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    That actually looks like a good start, and I like the layout of the land. Esp. the islands in the south west.

    There are plenty of tuts that will have you turning this start into something awesome.

    and to quote SG *bonk*
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    Welcome Antariuk, enjoy the Guild!

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    Welcome aboard!

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