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    Post Dungeon tiles - a small project

    This isn't quite the small project it started out as! This is a set of textures and transparent pngs that cover floor textures, walls, doors, lightsources (lanterns, firepits, forges, torches and so on), barred grates and set dressing (tables, chairs, chests, treasure, rugs, pits etc). Feel free to download these and use them. They were designed for use in maptool and can be used there to quickly make dungeons.

    The set is here:

    A Short How To

    1. Map->Quick Map->Black
    1a. Make sure the map has grid size set to square and 100px.
    2. Pick the Drawing Tools and choose Draw Rectangle
    3. Select one of the floor textures as the fill, set the line style to transparent (double click the colour selection window then hit cancel on the dialog).
    4. Make sure you are drawing to the background layer.
    5. Hold down ctrl to snap to grid.
    6. Draw out your corridors and rooms.
    7. Switch to Interaction tools (the pointer) and make sure you are on the background layer.
    8. Find the tiles in the resource library and drag them onto the map.

    • I find it useful to lay dow the stairs and other ground level terrain items first, this helps with the z-ordering of the pngs later.

    9. Once your floor and wall items - the terrain - are all laid in, switch to the object layer and fill the dungeon with tables, chairs, chains and so on. These are in the Items folder.

    Hope that helps. A similar thing can be done in Gimp or other picture editing programs. Indeed, in Gimp 2.6 you can just drag images from the folder onto the current image and they appear as a new layer which makes it very easy to composite a map. I'm sure that the above steps can also be repeated in Battlegrounds, Viewingdale or other VTTs.

    --- Original Post ----

    I need to put together a map that has moving corridors. So I started creating a series of dungeon tiles. I quickly found that it's easier to create a texture and separate walls than create every possible tile from scratch. Anyway, with a growing collection of tiles I can get things that look like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	screenshot3.png 
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ID:	11212

    The repeating floor texture is:
    Name:  TilableFlags2,50px.jpg
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Size:  10.1 KB

    A couple of walls here:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Wall2,50px.png 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Walls2,50px.png 
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ID:	11215

    and the stairs are here:
    Name:  10'Stairs,50px.png
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    These are all certainly CC licensed as per my sig.
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