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Thread: March Entry: An Ode to HandsomeRob

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    Post March Entry: An Ode to HandsomeRob

    How I adore your
    atlas style, oh HansomeRob
    A poor copy, mine.

    Trying out HandsomeRob's Atlas style.

    Of course, not having Fractal Terrains, Illustrator, or Photoshop, I am working with Wilbur, Inkscape and Gimp.

    So far I have....
    ...blown up the challenge map and hand painted a heightmap in Gimp, with aggressive burning of requred river channels...
    ...liberally applied fractal noise and percentage nose on top of a smoothed copy of that in Wilbur...
    ...aggressively eroded my heightfield in Wilbur with both incise, percip., and judicious noise and basin fills...
    ...set the lighting to monochrome and saved it out as a relief map... in Inkscape, I have bitmap traced a blurred copy of the enlarges original's water, set fills and stokes, manual clean-up, brought in the relief map and drawn in the "mandatory" watercourses...

    Still to do... .tons...

    It's been a while since I've entered a challenge.... Kind of fun working under a deadline

    -Rob A>

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