Hello all,

This is my first attempt ever at Digital mapmaking. My concept was to expand on Wizards of the Coast's Nentir Vale Map situated in the DMG p 206 (Copyright given where copyright due) and that is why those familiar with it may recognize a few names. I used RobA's most excellent tutorial (and gave him rep for it) on regional map making with GIMP and it was an eye-opening journey on quite a few levels:

1) The more you play with the tools, the more you want to play with them, I spent a lot of time trying things out, installing software and tweaking stuff

2) This is very addictive pastime, I'm usually a pretty avid videogamer and I completely forgot about games for quite a while

3) Considering the enormous amount of time that went into this map (close to 35 hours about a third due to my newb status), I am suddenly filled with an even more profound respect for the works of art you guys put out

4) I can't wait to make another one

I thank you much in advance for your comments, feedback and suggestions



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