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    I mention this, since I seem to be somewhat absent from the boards lately, though I've been spending lots of time in the CWBP instead.

    So, "beat me up" as I don't even have a map for Kaidan (my new CWBP project), but I've been talking to some publishers about the biz, as I'm a long time gamer and a commissioned cartographer, but I've never tried to publish a game setting or adventure before.

    Basically two sources have suggested I create a short campaign arc of 3 modules set in Kaidan to test the waters and see if there's enough of a market to risk creating a setting manual, a much more expensive venture. Both suggested I do a collaborative publication with an existing house.

    Also, I started talking about d20, OGL, GSL and Pathfinder compatibility license, ways to market and which license should this campaign arc/setting go under.

    In the end, I talked one of them to apply for the Pathfinder license and he was approved. Now he's offering to collaborate on the writing side, and some crunch help, in exchange for me creating a half dozen maps for his upcoming publishing projects! So it looks like Kaidan is going to begin as a series of adventure modules very soon! I haven't decided on whether to call myself GP Publishing or Kaidan Press (or something like that.)

    It will be published OGL, as Pathfinder isn't official until August 2009, but at that time I can republish as Pathfinder (with the PFRPG logo), and begin to work towards publishing Kaidan as a setting in book form.

    I've already found a "cheap" but excellent artist for cover and illustration work so this is becoming a reality, and I only started working on the project this month.

    So I've got my own busy plans up ahead. I'll try to squeeze in a challenge or two in that time, but I've got some serious personal work to do.

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