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Thread: The Steel Remains

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    Post The Steel Remains

    Turns out the map I did for the competition didn't quite (actually by a long way) match up to the Author's vision of the world. I've been re-doing it with his input over this week and this is either the final (or near final) result. Strangely enough I was in the process of writitng a tutorial about how to make maps like these (it's pretty much non-destructive, so really easy to edit which is very handy in situations like these when changes have to be made). Once I've finished the map, I'll finish the tutorial and post it.


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    Absolutely gorgeous, Ravs. Looking forward to seeing it printed in the second book

    Have some rep!

    And congrats again on winning the contest *thumbs up*
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    Very cool Ravs!
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    Looks amazing Rav

    Love the mountains
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    That's absolutely beautiful. Well done.

    Any chance of knocking the coastlines down from pure black? They're the only black on the map and they stand out a little - though perhaps that's a very good thing.

    It's a stunning style and the font choice is spot on. Great stuff! Please accept my inaugural use of my three spots of rep!

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    I quite like the boldness of the coastlines.
    Is it just me, or does anyone else see a phallic peninsula?
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    Is it just me, or does anyone else see a phallic peninsula?
    Only because you mentioned it.

    Mountains are really quite great and the colors are awesome. I rather like the black coastlines, though I kind of wish the forests were textured a bit more.

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    Funny you should say that, wife said exaclty the same thing about 20 mins ago and I'm working on them now! I'll make the coastline a little lighter...thanks torstan, I didn't spot that one. Heh's that sort of book.

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