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Thread: Kamarathin - by misteradam

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    Map Kamarathin - by misteradam

    Map (Click to enlarge)

    Created in: Photoshop


    Simple maps are often beautiful and this is one. This is a monochrome symbol map which really catches the eye. We don't get too many perspective maps on the guild and this is a beautiful example. Crafted by misteradam, he has shown how attention to details such as buildings can make the map shine. The hill shading is also deceptively simple but really effective. Congratulations, misteradam for making a masterful map of old.

    We tend to avoid artistic maps like this on the Guild, and we really ought to make more of them. I know I can't...but I'd love to see more of them!

    Original WIP Thread
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    I absolutely love maps like these. This is one of the styles I am desperately trying to learn and get down. Beauty through simplicity. Huzzah!!
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    Another great choice Ravs!
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    I am a newbie cartographer and this is the kind of map I would like to get started with. Do you guys think it's a good choice? I think I can draw that by hand and enhance it in photoshop.

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    If you can draw then you should be able to do it just fine. Your first few attempts might not come out right while you search around for your own style for things but in the end you'll get it. I know I did after a few tries.
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