Hi all,

I'm a long time lurker come out from the shadows.

A little about myself;

- I've been interested in fantasy mapping for a long time, since childhood really, ever since (like probably 90% of people here) I saw Tolkien's maps.

- I'm a geologist by trade, with an interest in plate tectonics (I can't say specialty because coal just pays better), but the basic level education in tectonics that every geo receives is far more than I need to produce interesting/half realistic maps (or at least invent some convoluted and unnecessary justification for an unlikely landform).

- I'm an Aussie, from Tamworth, always on the look out for fellow local mappers and RP gamers.

- Some people may recognise my user name, that's probably because I'm also a long term lurker in the CC2/3 mailing list.

Anyway I'll eventually get around to posting a work in progress of a map I'm working on in Inkscape at the moment, don't expect quick progress on it though as work eats up so much time that it isn't funny.