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Thread: Need a "City from Above"-Texture

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    Post Need a "City from Above"-Texture

    HEy folks!

    After searching the free texture sites known to me, I'm coming here for help.

    I'm searching for a "city from above" texture where you can see the streets and houses from birds-view directly down. For those in the know, I'm working with the baselin of Pasis' tutorial, but in a more modern environment and I'd need such a texture for my big cities.

    Currently I help myself with Noise + MiniBlur on a patch of grey, but I'd like a good texture for sure

    Soo... if you know of one, please link me, folks!

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    Check out Spiral Graphics, there are some urban textures there that might work for you or at least give you some inspiration.
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    Thanks, found one!

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    We were trying to do this automatically with some success.

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