If you're interested in creating a flag for your campaign like the one I made for mine here: http://www.ormonds.net/rpg/westaven/...Aenean_Knights ,
then check out this great Photoshop tutorial: http://www.photoshopsupport.com/elem...ement-map.html

The tutorial specifies Photoshop Elements 5, but I made mine with Photoshop CS--and it was amazingly easy. It took much longer to make the image to put on the flag than it did to actually make the flag using that image. Great fun! Enjoy!

For my flag I stole one of my wife's silk slips & photo'd it, but you need not sink to this level Here is a Photoshop tutorial to create a silk pattern within the program itself: http://www.tutorialjungle.com/display.php?t=silk