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Thread: Custom Fantasy Region Map

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    Map Custom Fantasy Region Map

    No specific time constraints, as long as it takes, so long as it's not by the hour

    I'm looking for something vaguely similar to this or this, probably a cross between the two. More like the second but with a bit of color to highlight the difference between terrain regions.

    I have a rough drawing I made of what I have in mind which I can email to perspective Cartographers, but to give you an idea of what I'm after, it's no more detailed or complex than the first example above and it's all inland (unless I decide to expand the map further north which we can discuss as an additional project) Basically there is desert to the north, then relatively fertile regions to the south which include the standard mountain ranges, forests, swamps, rivers, and a couple of lakes. Much of th map is open to interpretation so long as the cities are relatively close to how they are positioned in my drawing. For example in one area I've got 5 cities surrounded on three sides by mountains and on the fourth side is a river. Where the cities are exactly doesn't concern me, only that they are surrounded by mountains with the river. I'll provide all the necessary details.

    As for sizing, i'm relatively easy to please. I'd be satisfied with something that looks good on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet, but admittedly it'd be nice to be able to blow it up further. This is open to discussion.

    Ideally the story this map is based on will get published, possibly by me and myself so I'd like to have copyright of the map but I'd be happy for it to be used in your portfolio.

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    Hi there and welcome to the guild.

    You'll need 5 posts before you'll get pms on the forum - it's an anti-spammer measure - so why not introduce yourself over on the Member Introduction forums and comment on a few of the maps that are around. Equally, it's really worth browsing through the thumbnails on the finally finished forum to get an idea of each artists style here. If there are some you particularly like then it's always worth getting in touch with them.

    I'd certainly be interested in discussing this further. My gallery is here:

    It sounds like you'd be most interested in this map for the line art and this one in terms of colours.

    You can reach me by email (go to my profile and follow the contact link) if you are interested.

    There are many talented people here and I'm sure you'll find someone for your project.

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    I can't find where to PM you on this forum.

    I'm interested in making your map! I have a small gallery here:

    email me if you'd like to discuss it further:


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    Ah, I will do some quick posts elsewhere and get back to you momentarily. Thank you for your quick replies!

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    Is this project still available?

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