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    Post Output size and format

    Hi forum,

    I am quite new to this site and jumped right into the march challenge. I've seen all WIP's and am impressed. Wow. But there is one thing which somehow is making me wonder. When doing a professional job, I always ask myself (or client) this question first:

    What is the final size and for what medium?

    In this case here, I beleive there is no point to produce bigger maps than the average monitor can display. I know, the bigger the more details. But with these rivers for example, what's the point getting so much detail that the rivers don't show when trying to view the whole map when fit to width. You end up with a complete different impression of your work viewing it with different zoom.

    I am not saying we should limit anything. I agree that for maybe personal use, you want to produce these maps and print them out later to plaster your whole wall.

    But I beleive that every detail pertaining to challenge rules should be recognisable in full width without zooming.

    Or maybe the rules could state more clearly for what size and medium the final result may be used for. Or if grids are used, give a scale unit.

    I am sure most agree that you plan your work differently for an A5 page (printed) or a webpage (width 900 pixels). Also makes the deciscion for raster or vector graphics (or mix) easier.

    Hope not to make enemies with this post It's probably best to not limit anything as you can make the most out of your imagination and your PC's processing power!!! I have a good machine (2MB memory can do a lot of graphics). It's just too much freedom to compete for

    Like to hear what others think.

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