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Thread: CC3 sessions at iCon

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    Post CC3 sessions at iCon

    Hi folks,

    tomorrow and on Sunday, each day I'll be holding two CC3 sessions at the online convention iCon. Once per day a Q&A session for those wanting to know more about CC and add-ons in general, and once per day a demo/workshop for those wanting some help with the program itself.

    The times are here: Schedule.

    Required are the following pieces of software: Skype for all sessions and Yugma for the demo/workshop. If someone wants to do some steps during the workshop themselves, they'll obviously need a working installation of CC2 or CC3 (preferably).

    To register, visit's the convention's forum. I'll also post connection details there. You'll need to register on the forum.

    Interest isn't exactly high so far, so there should be enough room, if someone here is interested.

    Ralf (aka Uthoroc)

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    Awesome, I don't think I'll be able to make it since my band is practicing all day today and sunday is our actual game day....I do hope you get some good participation though!
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