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    Wip Bluestone Mansion

    I have restarted this building over a thousand times. This was the last time I restarted it and so far, overall I am happy with. Though I admit it looks better in CC3 than it does in png format.

    I only have a few rooms completed so far. I have the main/throne/ball room, the Solarium, the study and the kitchen. I still have many more rooms to add, as well as the second floor and the basement.

    I currently have it set to a Oak floor, but as I do each room I will be changing the floor of the room as appropriate. The hallways will probably be the black marble texture that comes with CC3 (or DD3 or CD3, not sure which it came with)

    The Main room has a big glass dome and their is a balcony going around the side walls, and the bottom wall. I made the balcony section but I currently have them hidden. That is why those pillars have that shadow, so if I show the balcony, the pillars will be hidden but they will have a shadow darker than the balcony's so I remember thos pillars are there. Though I will probably not show the balcony, until I finish the map I am going to keep those shadows like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Story of Bluestone Mansion
    Bluestone Mansion was once a second home for a now extinct ruling family. When that Crewl Ruling Family was taken out of power the new monarch gave the mansion to a poor family who helped greatly in the civil war.

    After a generation or two the family became more and more an important part of the royal court and moved out of Bluestone to the City of Bassiack, Capital of the Kingdom of Bassiack and none have been back since. Most have forgotten who owns the Mansion and it has fallen into disrepair. It also believed by those in the Town of Bluestone to be Haunted.

    The truth of the matter is the Royal Family, and it's proper owners have wanted people to forget who owns it and to stay away because it is actually a safe house for the Royal Family incase of war or attempted coup. Each member of the Royal Family wears an amulet which will immediately teleport them to the basement of the mansion.

    Though some creatures, mostly rats, have moved into the broken down mansion the things that are "haunting" it are various magical protections left to protect it from intruders. The Royal Family's amulets give them control of these protections (mostly animated objects). A second type of amulet was made for the most trusted members of the court which will protect them of the protections and let them move through the manson without setting off these traps
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    Wip Bluestone Mansion Update - And some design help needed

    I have made some more progress on the Bluestone Mansion. But I also need some help for continuing it.

    I have added a Family Room below the Main bedroom. The Library was added to the top, next to the Study. I have added some details to the guard area to the left side of the main entrance (Though I will probably not put it on the map (mainly cause I can't figure out teh best way to do it), there are arrow holes (I know this has a name, but I can't think of it right now) on both sides of the walkway to the main entrance so guards can shoot intruders safely from inside). I also added the guards area to the left side as well.

    What I am having problems with now is where to put some of the other rooms I want and need some advice. I would like to put a childs area (bedroom, and maybe a small play room). I was going to put it to the left of the library, but that area is way to big to be just for the Children of the family, when the main bedroom isn't as big. So i have no idea where to put it.

    I want to place a Music room, a guest bedroom (or two) and a small chapel. I have no idea of where the best place to place them are.

    I also want to add some storage rooms, but agan, no idea of where to place them, though maybe in the top left section where I was also thinking about the the kids rooms.

    Any advise or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    All I can really say is that the playroom should be nowhere near the library or make too much noise. Their bedrooms should be pretty close to the parents' room. I'd put the playroom in a corner to have windows letting light in so the kids won't be knocking over candles and burning the place down. I'd put the music room in another corner again for light. Storage rooms could be used to separate any room from another, like closets or something. Just some ideas, my 2 cents.
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    Get rid of all the dark lines surrounding the tiles, because it is causing a Mori effect, which causes strain to your eyes when you look at it . Use a darker shade brown or get rid the tile texture all together.

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