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    Post VANDY Makes Map Symbols

    Hello, All.

    First of all, the reference thread for this thread is as follows:

    cool map site

    Within this thread is a link to the following site:

    Antique Maps and Atlases

    I e-mailed Mr. Leen Helmink at the site as follows:


    My name is Gary W. Vanderbur. I live in Durham, NC USA and am an amateur mapmaker. One of the mapping forums I belong to is Cartographers' Guild , a group of people interested in mapmaking ranging from amateurs to industry professionals. I found your Website from a link posted in a thread on the Website and am quite impressed with the collection of maps you have available.

    My request to you is this -- I would like your permission to use the various terrain and vegetation map symbols you have on your available maps. I would use these terrain and vegetation symbols to make maps for my personal use only. In no way would I ever attempt or try to sell these symbols. Further, I will respect any Terms of Use you so desire to place upon their use. If you agree, I would also like to make them available to other people for their own personal use, again being bound by your Terms of Use.

    My intent is to capture various portions of the maps and, using a graphics editor program, "clean up" the terrain and vegetation objects saving them as transparent PNG files for use in creating maps.

    I thank you, in advance, for your consideration of my request, and do look forward to your reply.


    Gary W. Vanderbur

    In the end you will see, you is you and me is me.
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    I received the following reply from Mr. Helmink:

    Dear Mr Vanderbur,

    You have our permission to use our images for your purposes.

    Good luck,

    Kind regards,

    Leen Helmink

    Consequently, I have started "capturing" a number of terrain objects from the maps. The third post contains two zip files -- and The files contain a number of .PSD files of mountanous terrain and individual and grouped trees.

    Below is a representative sample of the mountains:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Mountains 01.jpg 
Views:	260 
Size:	15.5 KB 
ID:	11622

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Mountains 10.jpg 
Views:	142 
Size:	7.3 KB 
ID:	11623

    Name:  Mountains 20.jpg
Views: 1255
Size:  3.5 KB

    Name:  Mountains 30.jpg
Views: 1245
Size:  3.3 KB

    Name:  Mountains 40.jpg
Views: 1252
Size:  3.5 KB

    The next post will have representative samples of the trees.



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