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Thread: CC3 - JPEG file of Zoom?

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    Question CC3 - JPEG file of Zoom?

    Hi, really new to mapmaking, just got an account. I use CC3, and I am building a PowerPoint to show a class a map and some of its features etc.

    I know how to make a CC3 file into a JPEG, but how do I zoom in, and then convert the file? If I convert the file and then edit the picture, the low resolution ruins the zoom, although the zoom views look fantastic when viewed through CC3.

    Should I just try using "Print Screen" and then "Save As Image" and crop the resulting image? Or is there a function of CC3 that will let me make it look better?

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    Use the SAVE AS -> RECTANGULAR JPEG save option. You then select one corner and then it's diametrically opposite corner.
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    It worked! Thanks so much! I'll be sure to make good use of this function to really show off my map's highlights.

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