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    It have been a while since my last visit here (ow, that damned job ) - but I hope, that I'm back already for longer than just couple of days.

    After doing some map's linked with my 'The planet whish has stopped' project, I'm getting into something completely new for me.

    I'm starting with a huge Galactic Atlas project - something maybe like the map known from Fading Suns RPG (looks in the attached pictures) - but bigger, more developed, more detailed, and - this is the key part of my project - done completely interactive.

    I'm planning, that whole map will be done in Photoshop, and then animated in Flash (or something similar - I still don't got flash - but maybe after getting my next month salary i will **** off my fiance buying another one from those 'silly and completely needles computer game/programs - whatever' ).

    It won't be a fast project - according to my current amount of job, I think, that it will take me a bunch of months, but I hope, that it will be worth all my work.

    My plans for next weeks are -
    • Create about 50-100 Astronomical objects - stars, gas giant, colonizeable planets, planetoids etc.
    • Link above into at least 30 solar systems
    • Create the map background - I hope - looking like all those galactic 'pictures' from NASA, on which I'll will put my solar systems
    • Animate all those in Flash - after getting mouse above Solar System thumbnail You will get it zoomed, after mouse-clicking - You will see solar systems detail.
    • Invent and write all needed specification.
    • After all - get myself cured from insomnia and Photoshop Addictness

    To end this (or just to think about ending this), I will need Youre big help - especially in inventing all those kinds of planet (I dont want to make it monotonous). For now, I don't any special idea how to name, how to draw (i mean - how should they look like) and how to finish all those object, so You can feel free inventing.

    If You want to see Your world 'inside' my map - describe it here, it'll be a great help for me.

    I look forward to Your help, ideas, comments, and (later) criticism,

    Inspirations (first dose):
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