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Thread: MapX from DungeonForge

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    Post MapX from DungeonForge

    MapX is the next generation DungeonForge mapping program. This has been describe in another thread by RobA so I won't go into a lot of detail.

    MapX has become my favorite mapper due to how simple but powerful it is. It will do simple classic maps to more graphic types and from floorplans to continents.

    There are a few bugs to iron out but once you figure those out the program is great. And it's free.

    I've been creating art for MapX using the Gimp in PNG format so it's portable to DJ and CC3.

    I'll continue to do that because I'd like to end up with several sets that DungeonForge/MapX can call its own. MapX can use images from other programs as well.

    I'll be posting some maps from time to time.

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    I look forward to seeing them.

    I'm about to start on a new mapping project myself. It is for a Old West setting so I'll be looking for symbols that fit that genre.

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