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  • Vallée Mystique - by Greason Wolfe

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  • Dwarf Fortress - by Draco18s

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  • The Ashakbur Goblin Reservation - by Torq

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  • An Ode to HandsomeRob - by RobA

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  • Up a creek without a paddle - by Torstan

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  • River Challenge - by Bartmoss

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  • Where are the rivers? - by Benarius

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  • Excess - by Waldronate

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  • Hidenn City of Pluvia - by Drahyden

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  • Map Vandal - by Map Vandal

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  • Following the river - by joão paulo

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  • Grinding the River Handle - by Redrobes

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  • Good Intentions - by Korba

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  • Return to Khuutath - by Steel General

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  • Reporting for Duty - by Ascension

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  • Invasion of Norvallen - by Overwatch

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  • Marshlands - by misteradam

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Thread: *** March 09 Challenge Voting ***

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    Post *** March 09 Challenge Voting ***



    Once again there has been a fantastic response to this month's competition. Thank you to everyone for taking part, there have been some magnificent entries but don't forget you can only vote for four of them.


    Best of Luck to all the contestants!

    The Challenge was:
    Using the attached map as a starting point, throw a ton of precipitation at this map. The map is divided into 100 squares.
    • Every square must contain at least 1 water course.
    • 1/5th (20) must contain at least 2 watercourses.
    • 1/10th (10) must contain at least 3 watercourses.
    • The red marked squares do not need rivers in them.
    • Contestants must include a grid (10 x 10) overlayed on their final entry.

    The end result should be one BOATLOAD of rivers. It is up to you to determine the scale of the map, the size of the map, and where to place place terrain features (mountains, etc.) to make such rivers happen...Remember, the River Police are watching....

    Minor alterations are permitted to fractalize the coast lines, but the depicted rivers, lakes/seas, and coastal shape must be recognizable as derivative from the original. The rivers provided are the main river system of the section of land. It is expected (nay, demanded) that you add tributaries to these rivers as well as add additional river systems to suit your needs, but
    the existing rivers may not be lengthened.

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    Remember to 'rep' those who you voted for (if you can).
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    My first vote goes to Ascension. Very clever concept and beautifully executed terrain. I'd like to see some labels and icons to turn it into an actual map, though.

    Vote #2 is for torq. There is very little to complain about concerning this map. The only thing that bothers me about it is the prominence of the rivers. Both their width and the dark stroke cause them to overshadow the other topographical features. This is, however, a challenge about rivers, so I suppose that's not a terrible flaw.

    #3: RobA. You thoroughly nailed HandsomeRob's style. I'd like to see you bring some of your own personality to it, though.

    And the fourth vote is for Overwatch. Once more, a unique concept and superb bit of artwork. Some explanation of what your symbols mean would be helpful. The flags and arrows are obvious enough, but I couldn't puzzle out what the boxes with x's in them were. I haven't seen much of your work yet here, but what I have has been rather monochromatic. That may just be a coincidence, but if, like me, you're nervous about color, there are some excellent links to online color scheme generators in the Reference Material forum. I have found them invaluable.
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    I don't have the time to check every map to see if it actually met the criteria or not and I'm not gonna disqualify anyone for violations because I could have been more helpful.

    I picked Torq cuz I'm so envious of those colors...very pleasant to look at.
    I picked RobA cuz that style is so difficult.
    I picked Map Vandal because I like his twisty rivers and nice colors.
    I picked Torstan cuz it retains a hand drawn look but stylish as well.
    My Honorable Mention goes to Korba cuz he made a map that I thought was me.
    Overwatch has a cool style and will probably be duking it out often for wins.
    Benarius is also quite nice but the colors were a bit too bright for me; joining and jumping into a challenge right off is tough and with a bit of refinement he'll be pushing us to do better soon as well.
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    I only voted for two. RobA and Map Vandal.
    Torq's map would've been a third. The map is beautiful, but doesn't have a grid overlay, which is in the rules.
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    Another Month. Another Challenge. And another tough round of voting. I'll say this much, however, everyone deserves a pat on the back for attempting this challenge. It wasn't exactly easy and forced us to change our approach to mapping to a certain degree as it relates to setting up rivers and laying out lakes. As for my voting . . . Like I said, it wasn't particularly easy since I thought each entry had its merits. In the end, however, I cast my lot as follows;

    RobA - Possibly my favorite overall. The coloring was great and there was just enough texture to keep it from looking too flat. Great work Rob!

    Ascension - This one was right behind Rob's entry and, like GamePrinter's entry for last month, it was the little extras that did it for me. The "Wanted" poster format was wonderful, though I would have liked to see some labels just to push it over the top. Perhaps the only other comment I can make about this map is that I would have liked to see all the rivers stick with that same light blue coloring that they ended with at their discharge points. The darkness of some of them makes them hard to pick out at times. But that, of course, could just be my monitor. With labels and that slight shift in river coloring, this could easily have been my favorite map.

    Torq - Like Rob's entry, the coloring was great and the textures . . . Oh, the textures. The only thing missing was the grid-work required in accordance with the challenge rules, but I was able to set that aside for the artwork in this instance.

    Torstan - This one was different and caught my eye. It wasn't anything specific about the coloring or style. It was simply the fact that it was different.

    All in all, I wish I'd been able to vote for a few other entries, but with a limit of four votes . . . Well, I had to draw the line somewhere.

    Good job to all, though!

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    I was torn trying to decide whether or not to enter this month’s challenge and now I am glad I didn't! Fantastic entries all around, even the unfinished ones. I decided that even though I liked some of the unfinished maps, I would only vote for those that at least looked finished.

    1. Torq - Classic Torq style map, will always come close to winning every competition.
    2. RobA - Did a real good job emulating Handsomes style.
    3. Overwatch - Great colors for a parchment style map.
    4. Ascension - Like others have said I too wish the map had been labeled, but a great map anywho.

    Also loved Torstan's map. The mountains and color scheme really drew my eye; I wish it had been finished. I also liked the map from Bartmoss, but didn't care much for the coloring scheme. I don't know why, I am a subdued colors guy I guess.

    Great job by all though, really.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention Waldronate's map. Loved the "spooky" mountains. If it had the rivers in there I would have voted for it!
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    Post And the votings go to

    Right back in time for some voting

    My votes did go to:

    Ascension - nice idea and great map
    Overwatch - while I usually do not like that kind of maps I found this one interesting
    RobA - great map as usual
    Torq - even though it misses the grid it still got my vote cause its a great map imo
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    Look at Torq!!! Breaking the rules and still leading the pack. Great map!

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    Man I feel like such a chump. I had the grid on one of my layers in gimp but had the layer hidden because I really hate grids. The plan was to hide the layer until the last possible moment. Of course when the moment came I wasn't able to get online before the competition closed. Mea culpa. Under the circumstances I think its only fair that I offer my resignation from this month's challenge.

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