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    Wip Geidor

    After first stumbling across this forum, and finding Karro's work on his most recent map, I felt the urge to get (semi-back) into cartography. I loved his approach to his world, so I've taken a similar mindset with my own, so far.

    I had done some collaborative work with a friend a few years ago, with an extensive world of his own, but this is the first I've sat down and visually built my own full world. In my spare time, I'm slowly building up a Sci-Fi universe (as if there weren't enough already ), and have gotten a decently extensive mass of material up already.

    When I began this, I hadn't decided which world of the list it would be, but I've finally settled on Geidor (Guy'-door, though the 'ei' of the first syllable is closer to high than guy), a relatively important planet that was lacking many details, so far.

    This first image is of the continents and their underlying tectonic plates. These plates have undergone an almost excessive amount of revision over the past couple days, and may even see some more, but they are reasonably accurate for now.

    The second image is the same map with the tectonics hidden and the ocean and air currents visible. The ocean currents move in the direction of the darker end, with the fade being the 'trail' of the arrow. I'm still a little unsure of the sea in the southern temperate region, but I haven't figured out how else it might circulate. My continents are somewhat problematic for ocean currents as they are now, but I like the mix of cold and warm coastal currents I have so far.

    Both images are still quite early WIPs (as evident by the lack of definition to the continents and mountains - they're just placeholders, so far), with plenty of room to change. The advantage of choosing to make this map Geidor, as opposed to one of my other planets is that I'm quite open to suggestions on the design of the planet itself, so far.

    Next step once these are reasonably blocked in will be biomes and rivers, I think.

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