Some of you may have noticed Vandy sporting the inaugural "Honorable Contributor" award for his great work in transferring all the tutorials into pdf files. The idea behind this award is to recognise those who excel at areas not traditionally recognised by the existing mapping awards

I am delighted to announce that I have the great pleasure of awarding the next two Honorable Contributor badges to two people for their excellent work on the CWBP.

12rounds has added a completely new element to the CWBP with this contextually driven artwork that has delighted all who see it and delivered a new richness to the project.

Industrygothica has taken up the mantle of the chief editor to the wiki, somewhat less visibly but no less crucially. He has given a great deal of his time to organising the work of others and the results are clear to see.

I hope you will all continue to support the excellent work that these two honoured sons of the CWBP have done and continue to do.