Well, I definitely feel like I'm dipping my toes in the deep end here by posting about my humble little project among all of the wonderful maps here. And maybe the audience for my software isn't quite the same as the experts here, but maybe you'll want to give me some constructive criticism or maybe you might want to use this for a quick and dirty map, or as the basis/first step/layer for a more detailed map... but I digress.

For a little over a month, I've been working on a new project that allows someone to easily create maps in the style of the "Known World" or "Voyage of the Princess Ark" (from Dragon magazine) or other late 80s/early 90s D&D maps.

I've now gotten it to a point where I think all the major features that will be in version 1.0 are now part of the software. Some minor features may be added and definitely bug fixes will be made as it moves from this version (.70) to 1.0.

Below is a sample portion of a map created using the software:

I'm still calling this version "alpha" so until it becomes "beta" (which I expect to happen in a week) new versions may not load older versions of maps. (So in other words please try it out, but please also understand that if you put a lot of work into creating a large complex map now, it may not load later.) Again, once it is "beta" or later everything possible will be done to re-load maps created with earlier "beta" versions of the software.

I hope you find it useful and please post or email (see my address in the "Help->About" dialog of the software) any comments or issues you encounter. Thanks!

Hexographer Link

P.S. I'm still trying to slightly limit how many people see the early versions of the software. Until it goes "beta" please refrain from posting about it elsewhere. Thank you!