Hi all, I'm totally new to Fractal Terrains 2 and CC2 Pro, which I just bought off Ebay. I'm also new to the process of building permanent, non-thrown-together utilitarian type maps of my fantasy world. I've concieved of a plan to unify and make concrete a lot of what I've brainstormed about this world and I need to first build the planet, then create maps from it.

I plan to create maps with an art style reminiscent of the Western early modern period of cartography, mid 1500's especially. I want to build my own fill/symbol sets for each map, because I also want each map to look like the work of a different cartographer. A little ambitious, eh? I'm hoping the project will inform my culture building process and suggest good NPC ideas and historical figures (explorers, etc).

I'm handy enough with Photoshop and Illustrator. I have older copies of those too, PS 7 and Illustrator 9.0.1 I believe. This version of Illustrator doesn't save directly to PNG file type which I think is what CC uses (?) so I'll have to get a file converter I guess among other things. I have lots of original examples I've found for style and symbol ideas. Now I just need to know how to DO this!

I'm curious how many of you pro's do something similar and I'd love to get some links to people who have already, so I can look at the process and result, and educate myself as needed.