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Thread: Avast a Treasure Map!

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    Post Avast a Treasure Map!

    Harr, for those who yearn to speak like a proper pirate, this challenge may be for you and your crew! That's right, I'm speakin' of a pirate treasure map, Avast! The likes o' me need that glint of gold to keep us toiling the decks. Show me a treasure map with symbols, riddles or rhymes that tells me how to find this treasure. Thar may be traps and foul beasties on this here map as well.

    Makes me an island map with hidden treasure, that be the challenge of this poll!


    Edit: this might be better for a Lite Challenge, I tried to delete to move it there, but couldn't do it, because I voted on it already, harr.

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    Nay, me fellow. This be a good challenge for t' lubbers. Let us git to mappin' an' show 'em where the gold be layin'.

    Why is it that pirates always seem to have a west country accent? I know the south coast was a haven for smugglers (especially Cornwall) and a prime recruiting ground for the press gangs, but surely there can't have been that many pirates.
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    I'm all in for this as well. I'm sure there'll be lots of parchment, folds, and burned edges so I'm thinking a Han Solo treasure map for myself.
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    Aye, this be a good idea. Captain, ye seem to have come upon anoth'r great idea!! It be perfect for those of us land lubbers!
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